The Greatest Places for Eating in Orlando, Florida

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Lots of people think of Miami when they think about food, but I think Orlando has way better food. On top of that, it’s not a tourist trap so the prices aren’t insane. I’m going to detail my experiences at the top restaurants to eat at in Orlando.

First of all, don’t visit Orlando if you’re not thinking about eating at Orlando’s Kres Chophouse. I can honestly say that they are the best steakhouse in town. It’s a combination of the aesthetic, the food, the service, and the overall feeling of class. Kres Chophouse is located in downtown Orlando, by the City Hall. I’ll start by talking about the food. Even if you’re not much of a steak person, this restaurant still takes you into consideration. I have a sweet spot for escargot (snail), so I always get that for an appetizer. Kres Chophouse offers food ranging from white chocolate bread pudding to Angus tenderloin tartar, which also happens to be my personal favorite.

I have tried almost all the appetizers since I’ve started going, and I can assure all of you people who are on the fence that it was well worth itorlando steakhouse restaurant fancy. Each one is delectable, to say the least. Next, we’ll move onto the aesthetic. It’s somewhat dim on the inside, but that’s to create a romantic lighting, which worked very well in their favor. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with Kres Chophouse’s food. They have very nice-looking private dining areas, but I’ve never been to one. Just seen a few people enter. The interior of the restaurant is very well decorated if I do say so myself.

There aren’t many windows, but the restaurant itself is really open, so you never feel crowded. I appreciate how kind and friendly the wait staff is. They act professional, even when facing obstacles such as bratty children or cranky old people who somehow seem to have forgotten how to order food. The food came relatively quick in comparison with other restaurants, and it still was cooked to perfection. Anyone who hasn’t been here yet needs to try it because the prices are too reasonable for such a high-caliber steakhouse. I’m almost afraid that the demand will go up and start to increase their prices. Last but not least, there’s the sanitation.

Throughout my table and then eventually their bathrooms, I couldn’t find anything that was dirty. I’m curious to see the kitchen, but I’m also simultaneously afraid that it will be super clean and they’ll keep proving me wrong. Some people may argue that there’s no such thing as perfection, but that’s because most of the world’s population exists outside of Orlando. If I still haven’t convinced you yet, make sure to check out all of Kres Chophouse’s positive online reviews. Please don’t ever change,┬áKres Chophouse.

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For those of you who are more into Asian Fusion, absolutely make sure to stop by King Bao. King Bao is located by Park Lake in Orlando, so if you’re really in the mood for exercise then you can take your food to go and look at all the beautiful scenery. It makes sense that their name includes references to royalty because that’s how the staff treats you. I’ve been to my share of places where the waiters won’t even make eye contact with you as you’re trying to leave their terrible restaurant but can’t seem to get the check. Anybody who does that should be fired. King Bao specializes in Asian buns, and they have a wide assortment of condiments and sauces that you can put on the buns.

I have to say, while I was waiting for my food, I was expecting much less. This restaurant’s more of a hidden gem that’s probably going to spike in popularity once more people discover it. There were still a lot of positive reviews online, but sometimes you can’t really trust those if there aren’t any negative reviews to balance it out. The food came quickly again, which I’m adapting to as quickly as they serve their customers food.

King Bao’s buns are also very filling, so don’t worry about getting French proportions. They make sure you’re so stuffed that you can barely get out of your chair to pay the check. One thing I really appreciate about King Bao is the owner. He always makes sure that you have what you need to enjoy your restaurant experience, and he won’t hesitate to send anything back that you disliked. Which means that he probably doesn’t send very much food back into the kitchen, because their buns are to die for. In all honesty, my mouth is actually kind of watering right now.

Too bad it’s too early to grab dinner right now. Inside, the restaurant is very well-lit by all the windows with natural lighting. I’ve never really been inside when it’s dark out, but I don’t doubt that they also keep it well-lit at night. Restaurants should always make sure their area is bright because people always enjoy food way more when they’re happy. It’s psychology. If you still remain unconvinced, make sure to look at my review among others’ in the long list of positive reviews on google.

great orlando restaurant

Finally, another personal favorite of mine is the Gnarley Barley that’s located by the Bay Lake in Orlando. I LOVE their gnarly sauce! I have no idea what’s in it, but I absolutely love all of it. This restaurant deserves a special praise for their sanitation. One time I asked if I could look inside their kitchen and see the chefs prepare all of their super fresh ingredients, and of course, they obliged because they have nothing to hide. Once I was back behind the chefs, I inspected the place out of habit. Nothing dirty that I could see. Not even their exhaust hoods, which are the part of the kitchen that collects all the grease in the air. A very important part of the kitchen, that I don’t doubt they have hired a very good orlando hood cleaning business to maintain. I’m certain that Gnarly Barley earned all of their amazing reviews on google.